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Our Family
Our family is now in its 5th generation on the same land that was originally homesteaded in 1909, so you can bet we have learned a thing or two about farming. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver to you the finest crops in the Golden Triangle of Montana. You won’t find a better farmer offering whole grain for sale anywhere.

Wheat from the Golden Triangle region is superior to grain grown anywhere else in the world because of the climate and growing conditions in which we operate. With our semi-arid climate and low relative humidity, the grains we grow and produce are not tainted with the disease and other quality issues that plague grain growers in the more moist, high production areas of the wheat belt. Millers across the country and around the world are willing to pay a premium for wheat and grains from the Golden Triangle. Growers and grain facilities in the Golden Triangle frequently entertain trade expeditions from health-conscious Japan, and other Pacific Rim countries, seeking to know, tour and inevitably purchase grain from this area.

High-Quality Grain Products
For over 100 years, our family has been providing quality Montana grain products that have been shipped all over the world. Because of the current trend in the health and nutrition movement and realizing the demand for wholesome and nutritious products that are not commercially and chemically processed, we are proud to be expanding our market directly from our farm to you, our customers. When you purchase from Marias River Farms you can be sure that you know the exact source of your grain products! You can be confident that you are not buying something that we have not personally seeded, grown, harvested, packaged and shipped.
Since its beginning our farm has been dedicated to growing quality, 100% all-natural, chemical-free grains.

Non-GMO Products
We do not plant controversial GMO (genetically modified/genetically altered) or little known Clearfield varieties on our farm. It is imperative for the future health of this nation and the world that we prevent any more crops from being destroyed by Biotech or GMO developed by greedy corporations. Clearfield varieties have no visible differences from original wheat varieties. However, in reality, Clearfield wheat is only slightly different from a GMO. That is to say that it has herbicide-resistant genes which allow a farmer to use certain chemicals to control weeds in the growing crop which would otherwise kill a natural variety of wheat. Without continuous laboratory intervention in the seed production process, Clearfield varieties would soon be unfit for consumption, thus putting our food supply at risk.

This is why it is another reason why it is so important to know the farmer behind your wheat. Do you buy non-GMO? Is this important to you? Can you be sure that your non-GMO labeled products are not Clearfield? If you want to be 100% certain about the source of your grain then buy now from Marias River Farms!




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